Introducing Our Director & Dramaturg


The I Am Her project began back in March of 2018. Since then, Mimi and I have been writing words, drinking lattes, setting goals, scheduling meetings, sending texts, making connections. To the last, using Six-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon methodology, we were introduced to, met with, and signed our Director... insert drum roll please...

Toni Rae Salmi 

Given Toni's extensive acting, singing and directing career, along with her two Master's degrees, not to mention her passion for working on female-focused productions, she is the perfect choice. Check out Toni's (impressive) bio below. 

But what would a Director be without a Dramaturg? It's okay if you don't know what a dramaturg is; I just learned myself a few months ago. I'll save you a Google. A dramaturg helps develop the story for new playwrights (ah-hem), researches and provides insights on contextual and creative influences, shapes the structure of the script, and helps bring the words on a page to life on a stage. They're kind of a big deal. And Toni knows this. That is why she contacted, which led to contracting... insert second drum roll...

Laura Esti Miller

Another successful DC-area theater professional, Laura brings almost twenty seasons of work from a myriad of top-rated production houses, including The Kennedy Center and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (bio also below). Laura's goal as the Dramaturg is, "making sure I am working towards developing the piece the group wants to create, not just the one I want to create.

With Mimi networking, Toni directing, and Laura developing, and me writing, we have one powerhouse of a team that is creating a beautiful, moving production. 

Speaking of production, check out our save the date for our next reading as well as instructions on how to sponsor this important, timely, and timeless work of art. 

Thank you again to Toni and Laura for joining us on this journey. And thank you to all of you out there supporting us--emotionally, financially, and otherwise. We wouldn't be here without you!